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日曜礼拝 10:30~12:00

Sunday Service 10:30~12:00





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毎週、通ってくる人々が 二カ国語(日本語と英語) で神様に向かって明るく元気に賛美し、神様の御言葉である聖書を勉強しています。


ゴスペルクワイア ♪やインターナショナルスクールなどの活動もあります。




Hakata New Life Church is gathering of people, bound together in love, who want to be changed into the image of Christ. We also have the vision that "Living Water" will flow from our church to Fukuoka. To allow the flow of Living Water to refresh people's dry and unfulfilled hearts and bring them to life, our church is engaged in the following activities:

We have a weekly meeting where we gather to cheerfully and energetically sing praise songs to God in Japanese and English and to study God's word, the Bible. Hakata New Life is a caring international family that seeks to experience the wonders of our Living God. Because our church values relationships, we encourage those new to our church to join one of our cell groups for fellowship. Additionally, through activities such as our assistance to homeless people or our support of orphans in southeast Asia, we are a church that reaches out to help those in need, both in Japan and internationally. Other activities include our Gospel Choir♪ and the international school based in our church. If you would like to experience God's joy, please consider regularly attending Hakata New Life Church.